We are dedicated to the safety and security of all client travelers. CTM’s current crisis assistance consists of:

  • Pro-active Measures: CTM has reached out to all travelers to assist with flight changes & cancellations. In addition, for our clients still traveling, we contacted all hotel reservations to ensure the properties remain open. 
  • Traveler Location Services: We have provided our accounts with 'Duty of Care' reporting - traveler location reports and Live graphical mapping. We also support TripIt and Safe to Go.
  • Unused Tickets: As reservations are cancelled, CTM adds those unused/banked tickets to the travelers’ profile for future use and tracking. No lost money!
  • Reporting: CTM’s reporting staff has provided HR departments and travel managers with a host of management and analytical reports. Contact us to see which reports would help your organization!
  • Available: With CTM your travelers get instant responses from the dedicated team assigned to you! Airlines have hold times that have been reported to be over 5 hours! -  Our average hold time averages at 11 seconds!

CTM does NOT charge any cancellation fees. Contact us today to truly MANAGE your travel program and provide the necessary resources to your travelers!

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