Leisure Travel

Taking vacations regularly is important, whether you actually feel tired or not. Some people feel that they cannot get away from their work because it is too demanding and they feel indispensable. If this is the case, it is probably one of the best possible reasons to take a break from it all. Given that in the long run, fatigue and stress directly affect our physical resistance and mental capacities, a few days of not thinking about work can go a long way to recharging our batteries.  

If it’s been a while since you and your family have been away, let the travel partner you know and trust help you plan a trip full of experiences to remember.  

Our leisure group, CTM Vacations, is ready to be your guide from the beginning to the end, whether your heart desires a vacation packed with adventure or packed with, well ... nothing but relaxation!  We have options for:

  • Tropical beach vacations
  • Golfing Packages
  • Spa Packages
  • Ski Destinations & Resorts
  • International Travel
  • Scuba Diving Trips
  • Ocean & River Cruises
  • Ecology & Exploration Travel
  • ​Meetings & Groups
  • Incentive and Reward Travel

Affiliated with Tzell, a member of Signature Travel Network

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Signature Travel Network is a co-operative of the travel industry's leading retail travel agencies with more than 500 office locations who serve thousands of clients from around the world.

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, a Signature affiliated travel consultant will create travel experiences that are yours alone, shaped by your needs, tastes and dreams.