A corporation that has access to its travel data in real time whenever they need it can use that information to better assess travel patterns, find cost savings, know where there travelers are at any time, and even save time from going back and forth with outside data providers.

Plenty of companies track the basics- this service empowers you to travel smarter knowing the who, what, when and where travel dollars are being spent.  Read on to better understand how this service can give enhance savings and strengthen your travel plan over time.

Benefits of On-Demand Travel Reporting
  • The only product of its kind with integrated-customizable dashboards on a user by user basis.
    • Any user can create their own dashboard
  • The system is totally mobile (tablet, smart phone, iPad, iPhone, etc.) compatible
  • Very  user friendly and easy to navigate. Create ad-hoc reports on demand and in little time. A significant advantage as most reporting software in the marketplace is very cumbersome and difficult to use.
  • Clients can create report batches specific to their organization. 
  • Clients can fully automate the report delivery process across various deparments, divisions, and users
  • Set-up is easy and CTM provides lifetime training for the use of the Data Manager at no cost to you!


Credit Card Reconciliation Solutions
  • Allows CTM to take the feed for the corporate AMEX, Visa, MC, etc. card and automate the matching in the back office.
  • Assists with internal auditing and with discrepancies
  • Saves time and reconciles travel related charges vs. the cc statement.


On-Demand Invoice Printing Solutions
  • Accessible right from our website 
  • Access any invoice within seconds!
  • Provides the capability to view invoices up to 30 months in arrears CLICK HERE


Duty of Care

Click HERE to find out about CTM's 'Duty of Care' Security Reports



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