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IMPORTANT Booking Information:

Octapharma Travel Team - April Simpson & Cher Bressler
704-943-2965 / opi@goctm.com

Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm EST

After Hours assistance - Call 888-346-2445
VIT Code - HPI4M
There is a $14 fee per request plus agency fees
*The After Hours service can not assist with hotel payments*

Please submit / approve all travel requests before Friday 1pm EST to ensure the hotel payment is processed.
After hours hotel payment issues will need to be secured with the Octapharma managers credit card and resolved by the agency the following business morning


This form MUST be filled out COMPLETELY (* = required field)
One form per traveler per trip

TRIP APPROVER – If Approved please forward this email to opi@goctm.com. If Rejected please contact the traveler.
To make changes after submission, please contact CTM @ 704-943-2965 / 844-605-7306 / opi@goctm.com
If different than traveler

Traveler Personal Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Name MUST be EXACTLY as it appears on Traveler’s government-issued ID, including a middle name, initial, and suffix (i.e., John Doe II).

Check if you are visiting a Donor Center or office location.

Depart Date:*

Air Travel

Not applicable
IMPORTANT NOTE: If Traveler needs to be at a destination by 12:00 noon or earlier, please note that they may need to travel to the destination the day before. If the Traveler’s meeting/event does not conclude until 6:00 p.m. or after, and depending on flight availability, they may need an extra night’s hotel accommodation and leave the next morning to return to their original location.

This is a one-way trip.

Rental Car

Yes No
NOTE: Drivers must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and be willing to accept the responsibility to drive a rental car.

Pick up

At Arriving Airport Other


Larger vehicle for 3 or more Travelers
Return to departing airport Other


Not applicable

King size bed preferred

Additional Comments

To make changes after submission, please contact CTM @ 704-943-2965 / 844-605-7306 / opi@goctm.com


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